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Kwasida Afi is a Spirit Healer. Her parents gave her names that are in true alignment with her life's work. Kwasida means Sunday in the West African language Twi.  The name Afi is also from West Africa and means Spiritual.  Her names truly fit her as she is an empath and was born with many spiritual gifts including the gift of  clairaudient (hearing/listening to spirit) claircognizance (a knowing), clairsentience (feeling spirit).

She uses her gifts as a certified Reiki healer and spiritual advisor.


Kwasida Afi is led by God. She believes that a Spirit Led life creates harmony, tranquility, and peace within and spreads positive vibrations throughout the world.


As a Spiritual Teacher, she has used her gifts throughout her career as a veteran national professional educational trainer, instructional coach, and spiritual advisor. Her gifts have provided spiritual insight and guidance for herself and others. At the age of 12, she prophesied that she would have twins and is now the mother of two sets of twins; sons 23 and daughters 17.

A few months after giving birth to her twin girls, she founded and operated a Sister Circle for 7 years, where she and a group of women used their gifts to help one another manage personal challenges.

The Sister Circle became a safe space for black women to share their experiences and receive emotional support. Through this experience, she developed a passion for empowering women and helping them realize their full potential. 


The Divine works through Kwasida Afi as she guides clients in a way that uses their mind, heart, and intuition. It is through the Divine insight that she receives that has helped guide 1000's of international clients on their spiritual path and healing journey.


Kwasida Afi works one on one or in groups as she helps others to heal and live a Spirit Led life.

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