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Kwa is always a great person to have a reading done by. She gives you accuracy and no sugar coating. She never makes you feel less of a person. Thanks


OMG! This lady is super awesome!


Powerful! Her spirit is amazing!


Kwa was very insightful and very gifted. High Recommend! She was able to read into things that I did not mention. Thanks again


Thank you so much! Now I know my path!


What a fantastic vibe I got from her. Great reading.


Absolutely amazing! If you want a reading from a higher perspective, she's the one. Also very good about responding to questions for clarity. Recommend. 


This was my first reading with Kwa. I loved her energy and enjoyed the reading. I literally cried.


I  had a wonderful reading from Kwa. She has great advice and picked on some great details about my gifts. I'm happy I found a life coach/career centered reader.


Reading was accurate and fell in line with my thoughts. I highly recommend Kwa. I will be back for future readings. 


Just love her honest, no sugar coating. So many people get ripped off by fake psychics and it's not fair or honest. People work hard every day and look for a friend or someone to give them a piece of mind. Some psychics lie, but she doesn't. I am also intuitive and read her when I looked at her picture. 



Excellent reading and exactly what my spirit wanted to hear.


Best reader ever! Hands down!


Excellent reading! Great practical advisor!


Very excited about my future. Will be using Kwa again!


Very personable and is a guider.


Thanks again love. Wonderful reading.


Best reading I have ever had! 


Very sweet and caring.


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